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Slightly quirky, I am unlike any other woman you will ever meet. I dislike game playing and am rather straight-forward and honest, more than most women in your life.


My ultimate goal is to make those around me happy; I will give and give until there is nothing left, all to walk away smiling because I accomplished my goal: to make you happy. 


I am spontaneous and appreciate the seductive beauty of everyday life. The moment that you let me go is the one that you wished you hadn't because I will be the only woman in your life that will ever make sense of it all. 


"Man, I can't believe you let go of her. She was a real Summer...did you at least get her number?"


I am perfectly imperfect: stubborn, beautiful, intellectually attuned, and passionate about changing the way that we see things. 


"That girl had a great personality...a lot like a Summer."



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